Ground Type

Ground Type Pokémon, whether they're shaking the field with seismic force or burrowing deep to surprise their foes, are a fascinating lot to discuss. They're known for their sturdy defenses and potent physical attacks, making them a staple in any trainer's team. But, they've also got their share of elemental vulnerabilities. From Groudon's world-altering abilities to Excadrill's swift strikes, there's a whole spectrum of strategies to consider. It begs the question: what makes these earthen creatures so compelling in battle and how can trainers capitalize on their strengths while mitigating their weaknesses? Let's explore.

About Ground Types

Ground type Pokémon, known for their unique connection to the earth, offer players a powerful advantage in battles. These creatures draw their energy directly from the planet and use it to launch powerful attacks against their opponents. Ground types are typically associated with strength and endurance, and their abilities often reflect this, with moves that involve shaking the earth, causing landslides, and even creating sandstorms.

They're not all about brute force, though. Some Ground types are also known for their strategic skills, using the terrain to their advantage, creating traps and barriers to control the battlefield. Many of them have a strong defensive capability, making them tough to take down in a fight.

However, Ground types aren't without their weaknesses. They're vulnerable to Water, Grass, and Ice type moves, and they can't attack Flying types without the use of certain moves or abilities. But despite these challenges, Ground type Pokémon remain a popular choice among players for their unique abilities and formidable strength.


Harnessing the raw power of the earth, these formidable creatures offer a slew of advantages on the battlefield. Ground type Pokémon, with their earth-related abilities, often have the advantage of high physical strength and defense, which makes them hard to take down. They're also known for their vast move set, including some of the most powerful attacks in the game, such as Earthquake and Magnitude.

Additionally, Ground types have a significant edge against several other types. They're super-effective against five types, namely Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel, and Fire. Electric type moves, for example, are completely nullified against them, making Ground types an excellent choice when dealing with Electric adversaries.

Ground type Pokémon also often boast secondary types that further boost their offensive prowess and defensive capabilities. For example, a Ground/Rock Pokémon like Golem can leverage both Ground and Rock type moves for a diversified attack and defense strategy.


Despite their impressive strengths, Ground type Pokémon aren't without their vulnerabilities. They're susceptible to several types of attacks, which can put them at a significant disadvantage during battles. Water, Grass, and Ice type attacks all inflict double damage on these creatures, making them particularly perilous opponents.

Water type moves are particularly devastating, exploiting Ground type Pokémon's inability to resist them. This makes battles near bodies of water or against Water type Pokémon especially challenging. Similarly, Grass type moves exploit these Pokémon's natural weakness to plant life, causing significant damage. Ice type attacks, with their chilling efficiency, also pose a major threat, freezing the ground beneath these Pokémon and leaving them severely weakened.

Additionally, Ground type Pokémon can't fight effectively against Flying types as their Ground-based attacks can't hit them. This weakness often puts Ground types in a defensive position when faced with winged adversaries.

Notable Pokémon

Let's dive into some of the standout figures in the Ground type Pokémon roster, known for their unique abilities and formidable strength. One can't fail to mention Groudon, a legendary Pokémon with earth-shaking powers. Groudon's ability, 'Drought', intensifies the sun's rays, making Fire type moves more potent and Water type moves less effective.

Equally notable is Excadrill, a high-speed Pokémon with the ability to tunnel underground at 90 mph. Equipped with a steel-hard head and sharp claws, Excadrill's 'Sand Rush' ability doubles its speed in a sandstorm, making it a formidable opponent.

Another ground type worth mentioning is Hippowdon, a heavy-set Pokémon who can summon a sandstorm just by entering a battle with its 'Sand Stream' ability. This not only damages non-Ground, Rock, or Steel type Pokémon overtime but also boosts the power of Hippowdon's own Ground type moves.

Lastly, there's Landorus, another legendary Ground type, revered for its 'Sand Force' ability, increasing the power of Rock, Ground, and Steel type moves during a sandstorm. With its remarkable abilities, Landorus often holds a key role in strategic gameplay. Each of these Pokémon brings a unique dynamic to the Ground type roster, showcasing their immense power and strategic prowess.